The Essence of Kibbe’s Theory On Body Types And Clothing Styles [PART THREE]

Thoughts and Conclusion

Despite the detailed description of this theory, I cannot help but ask whether the body type really matters when it comes down to buying clothes?

I know people often say dress for your figure, know the lines that best flatter your physique but in all honesty doesn’t this restrain a person from truly expressing themselves? However, it could also mean that it simplifies the clothing options to choose from by giving some sort of a guideline.

I applied this theory in order to determine which body type I am. Using my judgement, I think I am a theatrical romantic or a soft classic because of my pear shape body, 5ft 3 height, smaller head than body, arms and legs appear longer than my height, size 3 feet and small hands as well as my structured jawline but I still have fleshly skin and rounded face with slight sharpness.

However, when it came to asking my friends and family, the categorisation were different.  For instance, my friend said I am more of a soft classic because my face is more rounded and not as dramatic. Nevertheless, I still was not convinced so I asked my sister and she thinks I am a gamine because of my childlike face, big eyes, square shoulders and thin lips.

This is debatable because I personally do not think that I have thin lips as they are full and even in size but compared to most people lips they could be seen as thin especially when I smile as my lips becomes thinner. Even with that said, people have told me that I have both small and big eyes, so I don’t think my eyes are that big and I do look younger than my age.

This raises a question of perspective; the way you perceive yourself can be different to the way others perceive you therefore can be difficult to pin point which body type you are.

Based on the suggestions of these theory, my clothing should consist of light weight, sheer and soft fabric that can drape easily. As well as clothing that focuses on a fitted waist and highlights the hourglass or the natural curves. In addition, details like draped neck lines, ruffles and gathers would be flattering.

However, my personal taste in fashion is more towards the edgy spectrum. I like asymmetrical outlines, sharp, crisp, and tailored detailing and elongated outlines. These all lean towards the yang spectrum. So, does this mean I have to give up my personal taste in order for my body to look its best or I ignore what would look best for my body and wear whatever I please?

This leads to the conclusion that my preference and style matter, but I have gained an awareness to what styles would complement my silhouette. For example, I can wear a fitted high waist short (focusing on my waist) and t shirt that has vertical strips therefore elongating my upper body and with a structure blazer to enhance my shoulders but with a soft material that can drape.  In other words, I have learnt to find the right balance of Yin and Yang within my clothing in a way that doesn’t hinder my style. 

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