The Essence of Kibbe’s Theory On Body Types And Clothing Styles [PART THREE]

Thoughts and Conclusion

Despite the detailed description of this theory, I cannot help but ask whether the body type really matters when it comes down to buying clothes?

I know people often say dress for your figure, know the lines that best flatter your physique but in all honesty doesn’t this restrain a person from truly expressing themselves? However, it could also mean that it simplifies the clothing options to choose from by giving some sort of a guideline.

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The Essence Of Kibbe’s Theory On Body Types And Clothing Styles [PART TWO]

The Body Types

Dramatic (All Yang): The main characteristics of a dramatic body type is being 5 ft 5 inches and over. Their bone structure is angular with sharp edges. They can have square or narrow shoulders as well as a narrower hip. Their facial structures are prominent and sharp (jawline, cheekbones, nose etc). In addition, they have taut skin and a strong vertical or straight body that lacks in the chest region (small or flat chested) which can be maintained even when they gain or lose weight. Their hands and feet are long and narrow.
Examples of a dramatic type would be Tilda Swinton or Taylor Swift.

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The Essence Of Kibbe’s Theory On Body Types And Clothing Styles [PART ONE]

The Introduction

I discovered David Kibbe’s 13 Body Types Theory from a YouTube channel called Ally Art. Although I am still learning about this theory I will try my best to break it down. In this theory it explains how the human body consists of masculine and feminine energy.

To simplify things, I will refer to the feminine energy as Yin and the masculine energy as Yang.  Yin and Yang can manifest itself in many ways. Such as our bone structure, vertical lines, facial features, height and the way the flesh covers the bone.

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