D.I.Y [Project One]: Makeup Brush Holder

I decided to embark on a little D.I.Y project that is beneficial for both makeup lovers and D.I.Y enthusiast. This was my first time in creating a makeup brush holder and I am here to give you a little run-down of the overall process.

Equipment Used: Sewing Machine, Fabric, Tape Measure, Ribbon, Fabric chalk/pencil, Fabric Scissors, Ruler and Pins.

Step 1: Cut your Pieces

Cut two pieces of the same fabric in 13.5inches x 15inches and the other piece in 15inches x 7inches. (in my pictures I used the black fabric). These fabric pieces are going to be used for the inside.

Cut another piece of fabric in 13.5inches x 15inches (Preferably a different print like in my pictures). This is going to be used for the back.

[Note: you can use any pattern of fabric that you wish]

Step 2: Marking with chalk/pencil

Take the 15 x 7inch fabric and draw a line 2 inches below across the fabric. Where the line is indicated is where it would be folded to be ironed. After it’s ironed, I marked the spaces that would be used to separate the brushes across starting from 2 inches (for bigger brushes), 1.5 inches and 1inches (for smaller brushes) depending on the sizes of the brushes.

Step 3: Matching and sewing 

Take both pieces for the 13.5 x 15 inch with the 15 x 7 inch and try to match them evenly. Once you are happy with the fit then start adding pins in between the brush pockets. Sew along the lines that you had marked out. Cut out the lose treads.

Step 4: Constructing

Get the 13.5 x 13.5 inches of fabric (printed material) and face the print up. Put the fabric that we just sewed in step 3 on top with the slot facing down while matching the printed fabric corners (pin them together). Sew together the bottom and the left side as well as half way on the top.

Step 5: The ribbon

Cut two pieces of ribbon that is 18 inches in length and align them. Place the ribbon inside (trough the gap that wasn’t sewed) all the way but leave a little bit of ribbon sticking out. Then sew across the left side. Flip the material inside out and iron the material before sewing across the top edge.

Click link for the video used as assistance. 

Why I made it?

I decided to make this makeup brush holder because it will help me organise my brushes and it did not seem too complicated to make.

My opinion on how it turned out?

I am happy with the way it turned out because it looks neat and it does its function.

[Below is a slide show showcasing the process]

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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