Brands or No Brands

If you had to pick between branded clothing and non-branded clothing, which would you pick?

Some may say with branded clothing you are paying for the quality because the brand is well known therefore it must be reliable. However, with wearing certain brands there is a certain connotation that surrounds the clothing which can give either a positive or negative impression on the wearer. This can alter how a person might view you. Subconsciously, it can be a method to showcase status which can divide a certain demographic from each other.

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Mode: The Rise Of A Fashion Scene

As an individual that is curious about the media’s fascination of the rise of the Asian Fashion scene.

I was surprised to have come across a new fashion movement that is sweeping the streets of Japan (Harajuku) called Mode Fashion.

Mode Fashion can be described as a clothing style that is shapeless to the curvature of the human body with a mixture of genderless fashion within a monotone colour palette scheme. 

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