The Essence Of Kibbe’s Theory On Body Types And Clothing Styles [PART ONE]

The Introduction

I discovered David Kibbe’s 13 Body Types Theory from a YouTube channel called Ally Art. Although I am still learning about this theory I will try my best to break it down. In this theory it explains how the human body consists of masculine and feminine energy.

To simplify things, I will refer to the feminine energy as Yin and the masculine energy as Yang.  Yin and Yang can manifest itself in many ways. Such as our bone structure, vertical lines, facial features, height and the way the flesh covers the bone.

There are two types of categories in this theory which is commonly known as Yin and Yang. The yin qualities are associated with structures like being petite, rounded or voluptuous, delicate bone structure, daintily pointed chin, sloped or tapered shoulders, small hands and feet and softly textured and lustrous hair.

Contrastingly, the Yang qualities consist of prominent structures such as being tall, broad or angular bone structure, high or exotic cheekbones, blunt jawline, prominent nose and facial features, square shoulders, straight body lines, large hands and feet and extreme texture to hair (silky smooth, extra fine, or wildly coarse).

There are 13 different body types such as Dramatic, Classic, Gamine, Natural, Romantic, Soft Dramatic, Theatrical Romantic, Dramatic Classic, Soft Classic, Soft Gamine, Flamboyant Gamine, Soft Natural and Flamboyant Natural. This are categories that describe a person’s shape and the lines within the body in relations to the amount of Yin and Yang qualities that makes up the whole structure.

These 13 body types would be explored in more detail in the next post and my thoughts and opinion in the final post. Please note this blog post is a three-part series.

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