Brands or No Brands

If you had to pick between branded clothing and non-branded clothing, which would you pick?

Some may say with branded clothing you are paying for the quality because the brand is well known therefore it must be reliable. However, with wearing certain brands there is a certain connotation that surrounds the clothing which can give either a positive or negative impression on the wearer. This can alter how a person might view you. Subconsciously, it can be a method to showcase status which can divide a certain demographic from each other.

Furthermore, with branded clothing there are usually good customer services and polices available when the clothing item isn’t up to the consumers standards, this isn’t always the case when it comes to non-branded clothing. Due to the fact that non-branded clothing might not go through as much stages for the quality control. Therefore, resulting in malfunctioning zips, buttons or accessories.

However, with non-branded clothing, one can get clothing items that are similar if not identical to the branded clothing for a fraction of the price which is great because you are not paying for the name of the brand, lifestyle nor are you paying to freely advertise the brand. In the long run you can save money for the things that matter the most without messing up your budget and don’t have to worry about the brand that is out of season to compete or relate with your peers.

Personally, I am not a fan of branded clothing simply because they tend to look tacky and I like to be able to style the non-branded items anyway I choose, and I feel with brand logos all over the clothing, it limits the creative options to choose from. However, with that said, I am not against branded clothing depending on which clothing item I am buying and the sale for items such as jeans, shoes, bags etc but for things like a T-shirt, leggings or knit-wear I prefer non-branded items.

Overall, there is no wrong or right choices but simply a matter of preference.

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