My Drawing Journal

About My Drawing Journal

As someone that is enthusiastic about art and everything creative, I have decided to start a series called My Drawing Journal.  In this series I focus on a sequence of sketches that are not limited to specific themes nor style formats but to allow me the freedom to venture out into different styles, techniques and mediums while still being able to improve my drawing skills along the way.

In this segment I will discuss the mediums used and why I decided to draw that particular image, what I want to improve on and what I am happy with in the overall image. Furthermore, as someone that used to do Art, Textiles and D&T during a small portion in my life, I feel that my confidence in my skills have depleted and this is a way that I can gain my confidence back in subjects that I once loved.

I was always better at drawing animals and objects compared to people which is why I have chosen to work on that particular area for the time being. My goal is to be able to draw realistic faces of minorities as an illustration but before I can even get to that stage I need to recap on the basic skills of art.

So, I encourage you to embark on this journey with me as we discover my true potential.

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